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Momentum, A Fair Trade store in Boulder, Colorado

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Upcoming Events

Momentum Clearance Sale
Be sure not to miss our clearance sale January 11th-13th!
Selected merchandise will be 40% - 60% off.

January Event

Global Response: Environmental Action & Education Network

Help Save the Ridley Sea Turtles

Ridley Sea Turtle

On Saturday, January 19th from 1-4pm, representatives from the Boulder-based non-profit Global Response will be at Momentum sharing stories about their current environmental campaign.

Global Response is working to protect the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles' nesting grounds by stopping the construction of a massive deep-water industrial port in the Indian State of Orissa. The endangered Olive Ridley sea turtle offers one of nature's greatest spectacles. Each year, Olive Ridleys return from their inter-oceanic migrations to the beaches where they hatched. Hundreds of thousands congregate and mate in the waters off the coast of India. Then, as if on cue, the females lumber ashore to lay their eggs. Their arrival -- by the hundreds of thousands on a given beach -- is heralded by the Spanish term arribada. Arribadas occur in only three locations worldwide, and the construction of the planned industrial port would have devastating effects on the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtle population.

You can help the turtles by joining us at Momentum on January 19th from 1-4pm.

Momentum is bringing in special Olive Ridley products for this event and will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of all turtle related products to Global Response. If you are not able to make the event, you can take action from home by logging on to: http://globalresponse.org/writealetternow.php?i=3/07

Eastern coast of India

"If TATA Steel goes ahead with the project at the proposed site, the port would not only seal the fate of the Olive Ridley sea turtles of Orissa but also pave the way for one of the biggest ecological disasters along the eastern coast of India. As sea turtles are migratory creatures, we feel that the entire world should be concerned over this looming threat and the failure of Indian authorities to safeguard their breeding and nesting grounds." --Biswajit Mohanty, Coordinator of Operation Kachhapa, Orissa, India

Momentum News

The Elephant Journal

Momentum was recently featured on the Elephant Journal's Elevision video for its "mindful gifts for the holiday season".
Check out the video at: http://iamelephant.com/archive/elevision.html

Boulder Weekly's Green Gift Guide

Momentum was a one-stop destination for holiday shopping

Taking "Fair Trade" Seriously

(excerpt from Boulder Weekly)

Jenny and Kevin Natapow envision a world where businesses help people and communities to thrive. No sweatshops. No environmental degradation. No exploitation of women and children. This year, they put their time and money to work to bring that vision to life, launching Momentum, a retail outlet that offers only fair-trade, environmentally sound products.

For those who think conscience ought to come before cash, Momentum might well be a one-stop destination for holiday shopping.

Offering kids' toys, children's clothing, jewelry, scarves, home accents, chocolate, tea, coffee, unique paper products, journals, note pads and much, much more, Momentum sells items crafted by human hands. The money from your purchases helps to support these farmers, weavers, artists and craftsmen. It's globalization done right.

For more on Momentum, go to www.ourmomentum.com, or visit the store at 1625 Pearl St.

Read Boulder Weekly article

Class Field Trip to Momentum

On November 14th, New Vista High School's Sustainable Living Class incorporated Fair Trade into their course curriculum by making a special field trip to Momentum.

Barbara Koser selected Momentum as a field trip destination for her class to not only help the students gain a better understanding of the difference between Fair Trade and free trade economics, but also to demonstrate how it is possible to purchase socially and environmentally sustainable products.

The students were especially amazed at the variety of crafts created from recycled products, including newspaper picture frames, bottle cap earrings, candy wrapper clutches and elephant dung paper. The students found the elephant paper especially appealing.

If you or someone you know is interested in bringing a class to Momentum, contact Marion Taylor at 303-588-2630.


December 1st World AIDS Day Event

A letter of thanks

Dear Momentum supporters,

When it came time to write and update of our December event, a thank you letter to our supporters seemed more appropriate than the usual update...

I want to personally thank all our supporters who came to our World AIDS Day event on December 1st. World AIDS Day at Momentum will forever reside in my memory as a testament to our community's heart. There is no doubt that every purchase at Momentum supports positive change but there was something extraordinary that happened on World AIDS Day; we raised $1,000 in one day! That means Embrace the World (ETW) is now able to support two small grassroots international organizations dedicated to HIV/AIDS prevention, mitigation and relief with a $500 grant each. Together we are building the momentum for social, economic and environmental justice in the world and you are part of it- thank you. Our February Newsletter will share exactly which organizations received ETW's grants.

With gratitude,
Jenny Natapow

November Event

The Women's Bean Project Fundraiser and Soup Tasting

We had a record number of soup sippers and cornbread nibblers on this blustery day in November, and thanks to your help, we raised over $300 for this Denver non-profit. The highlight of the event was when a self-proclaimed cornbread enthusiast purchased the cornbread mix for her Thanksgiving feast, and stated, "This flavorful and moist mix is incredible and I am a cornbread snob." That pretty much says it all! The Women's Bean Project's cornbread mix is incredible. It was clear that these sentiments were shared by the majority of our shoppers because we sold out of cornbread halfway through the event. The good news is that our cornbread supplies are replenished, and due to customer demand we have now expanded our Women's Bean Project line to include their famous Black Bean Soup.

Thanks to everyone who purchases The Women's Bean Project products -- your support continues to help transform the lives of Denver women by providing them with the skills necessary to find meaningful and long term employment. For more information on how your purchases are directly making a difference, read Latoya's story below:

Latoya, a member of the Women's Bean Project

"What I have learned, in the time I have been at the Women's Bean Project, is that you can always start over and be accepted regardless of your past. I've overcome the barriers to unemployment. I now have a means to provide for my two sons and am motivated to accomplish much more. I am learning the skills of being able to work effectively and communicate with others. I am learning to express myself and recognize how I behave affects my work as well as my life. I want to own my own business someday, and the Women's Bean Project is acting as a bridge to help me reach my goals as I accomplish the steps I need to get there and be successful."

Momentum, A Fair Trade store in Boulder, Colorado

Momentum | 1625 Pearl Street | Boulder, Colorado 80302 | 303-440-7744
Store Hours: Tues-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5, Closed Mondays

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