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Momentum, A Fair Trade store in Boulder, Colorado

February Coupon

20% off any 1 regularly priced jewelry item!

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Upcoming Events

Valentine Sale
Think Love, Think Fair Trade!
In celebration of Valentine's Day, Momentum is having a jewelry sale
February 1st-16th
50% off selected earrings, bracelets and necklaces
Buy the one you love something special while supporting
Fair Trade.

February Event

Bead for Life

Join Us on Saturday, February 16 to "Help Eradicate Poverty One Bead at a Time!"

Bead for Life

Come join us on Saturday, February 16 from 1-4 pm to learn about an empowerment model, fair trade business, international movement, and local non-profit that works! Ugandan women are recycling magazines, making beads, feeding their families, controlling their finances and learning to read. BeadforLife (BFL) set in motion an international movement that joins women from across the world through handcrafted jewelry. We invite you to come and see the jewelry, meet BFL staff and discover other BFL products. Momentum is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of BeadforLife products to this visionary non-profit. For more information, visit:

Momentum News

KGNU - Independent Community Radio

Momentum on KGNU

Tune into KGNU (88.5 FM), Boulder's Independent and Community radio, at 6:58am on February 14th to hear an interview with Marion Taylor and Kevin Natapow from Momentum. Host Nikki Kayser will be facilitating a discussion on the differences between fair trade and free trade and delving into the inspiration behind Momentum's monthly fundraising events for local and international non-profits, held on the 3rd Saturday of every month. For more info or broadcast times, check out KGNU's website at:

Will Boulder be the Next Fair Trade Town?

Fair Trade Town

Momentum is thrilled to announce that a movement to make Boulder the next "Fair Trade Town" is in motion. A group of passionate community members held a preliminary committee meeting to discuss strategies and ways to make Boulder the next Fair Trade Town. For more information about this local effort or to get involved, email Dagny Tucker at sustainablechoicesolutions@gmail.com or contact Momentum at: 303-440-7744 or info@ourmomentum.com.

To find out more about the Fair Trade Towns movement, visit:

A Campaign Victory for Fair Trade!

Starbucks signs historic agreement with Ethiopia

Ethiopia and Starbucks have agreed to work together to forge a new and fairer path for Ethiopian coffee farmers in the international marketplace. To read more about this amazing grassroots effort and the benefits it will bring to millions of Ethiopian coffee farms, visit:

Fair Trade Curriculum for Schools

Fair Trade Curriculum for Schools

Equal Exchange recently developed a fair trade curriculum for grades 4-9. Their interactive classroom activity is titled, Win-Win Solutions: An Introduction to Fair Trade and Cooperative Economics. The four-unit curriculum raises students' awareness of the core issues surrounding food production and trade. It provides a link between personal actions and community efforts that create a more just and sustainable world. For more information on the curriculum or to purchase it for your school, visit:


January Event

Global Response

Carrie's letter

Our January event featured the local non-profit Global Response, which is working to protect the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles' nesting grounds in Orissa, India by working to stop the construction of a massive deep-water industrial port by the Indian compant Tata Steel. Our Global Response event not only raised $200 but also inspired school children to get involved in the movement to help the sea turtles. Carrie Raymon, a 12 year old from Montgomery, Alabama, sent $25 from her savings account to help the turtles. Read Carrie's letter to the right.

The Alexander Dawson kindergarten class, in Lafayette, CO, also participated in the Global Response campaign. The class watched the Global Response turtle video, received extra credit for coming to Momentum's event, and wrote endearing letters on behalf of the turtles to Tata Steel. Momentum is sending these letters individually, to make more of an impact, to Tata Steel's CEO in India, along with all the letters we collected during our event. Read a sampling of the Kindergartners' letters:

Kindergartners' letters

View larger version

World AIDS Day Fundraiser Update

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day

Embrace the World (ETW), a sub-group of Boulder County AIDS Project, allocated the $1,000 raised during our World AIDS Day Event, to the Creativity Initiative, thanks to all our supporters. This transformative project is housed in the waiting room of Uganda's Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) in Kampala. What was once a sad and depressing place is now a lively space filled with music, dancing, drumming, arts and crafts, entrepreneurial, and spiritual activities. The Creativity Initiative's holistic approach, entitled Prevention through Positives, fills patients and supportive family members' days with life affirming activities.

Due to the tremendous community support for our World AIDS Day Event, Momentum is pleased to announce that our December World AIDS Day event will be an annual tradition.

Momentum, A Fair Trade store in Boulder, Colorado

Momentum | 1625 Pearl Street | Boulder, Colorado 80302 | 303-440-7744
Store Hours: Tues-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5, Closed Mondays

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