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Momentum, A Fair Trade store in Boulder, Colorado

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May Events

Mothers Acting Up

Reclaim Mother's Day Shopping Night

Friday, May 9th, 5-7pm

In celebration of the world's mothers, Momentum is hosting an evening of "shopping for mom" ~ fair trade style. Stroll our aisles in style while sipping fair trade wine and tasting artisanal cheeses.

Momentum is donating 10% of the evening's profits to
Mothers Acting Up (MAU).

Mothers Acting Up

MAU is a visionary Boulder non-profit "dedicated to inspiring and mobilizing the gigantic political strength of mothers to ensure the health, education and safety of every child."

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day with Momentum

Saturday, May 10th

World Fair Trade Day
  • Win fabulous Fair Trade door prizes
  • Enter a drawing for a Momentum gift certificate
  • Sample Fair Trade chocolates, coffees and iced teas
  • Learn about Boulder's movement to become a Fair Trade Town

World Fair Trade Day is an annual event that is celebrated on the second Saturday in May across the planet. It is a way to recognize the many Fair Trade organizations, businesses, towns and, of course, the farmers and artisans themselves. This year's theme is For the People. For the Planet. which highlights the link between Fair Trade and the environment. The theme encourages us to think of Fair Trade not only as a way of valuing the artisans and farmers, but also as a way of reducing our environmental impact.

Facts about Fair Trade and the Environment

Fair Trade actively encourages environmentally friendly production by:

  • Promoting the use of local and recycled materials
  • Utilizing sustainable harvesting techniques and organic farming practices
  • Requiring farmers to implement integrated crop management
  • Providing price incentives as well as ongoing trainings to farmers, to help facilitate their transition to organic farming. Currently 85% of all Fair Trade certified coffee is organic.

To learn more about fair trade and the environment, visit:


Earth Day at Momentum

Earth Day at Momentum

Earth Day at Momentum was as much fun for our employees as it was for our customers. After hosting Momentum's Earth Day Celebration, Marion Taylor, the Events Coordinator, noted, "All twenty-five of our free Colorado Blue Spruce seedlings were gone by 1:45, indicating a concern in Boulder for the Earth."

Throughout the day, customers stopped by and shared with us their enthusiasm for Earth Day. Momentum regulars, Sandy and Matt, stopped by specifically to pick up a tree for their backyard. They promptly named their spruce "Bruce" and shared these playful shots with us from their Earth Day escapades.

Earth Day at Momentum

Earth Day at Momentum

Two elated female hikers described how they hugged trees along the trail and then named them Bill and Leona. They then headed straight for Momentum to pick up their free saplings. We also had one shopper exclaim, upon seeing the trees, "This was the only thing I wanted to do on Earth Day, plant a tree."

For those customers who did not have the space to plant a tree, or who arrived after 1:45, Momentum offered to plant a tree for them in our national parks through the Arbor Day Foundation. By the end of the day, we collectively planted more than 50 trees. Way to generate momentum Boulder!

Momentum, A Fair Trade store in Boulder, Colorado

Momentum | 1625 Pearl Street | Boulder, Colorado 80302 | 303-440-7744
Store Hours: Tues-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5, Closed Mondays

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