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Momentum, A Fair Trade store in Boulder, Colorado

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June Events

Bike Month Bingo

Walk and Bike Month

June is walk and bike month in Boulder and Momentum is proud to be a "Bike Bingo" destination.

Walk and Bike Month

For the month of June, Momentum is offering everyone who walks or rides their bike to our shop a 10% discount, a stamp on your bingo card and a yummy treat. To play with us, and to learn all about Biking Bingo, visit:

Bike Month is about living the benefits of walking and biking~ saving money, reducing carbon omissions, getting out into the community, meeting your neighbors and staying fit.

Parking Space Park DayParking Space Park DayParking Space Park Day

Parking Space Park Day

Join us June 13th from 11:00am to 2:00pm for Park(ing) Spaces Day. The Momentum "Parks Department" invites you to walk barefoot (or not) in our lawn, lounge in our beach chairs and bask under our Balinese umbrella for as long as you wish- Momentum is paying for the parking!

Parking Space Park Day

As part of Boulder's Park(ing) Space Park Day, Momentum is transforming the 136 feet of parking in front of our shop into a playful community park for all to enjoy. What can be done with 8 by 17 feet of asphalt, you ask? You will have to see for yourself, but rumor has it that dog parks, gardens and outdoor work stations will be popping up all around town.

Parking Space Park Day What's the point? Parking Space Park Day
Park(ing) Space Parks raise awareness about the trade-off between space for cars vs. space for humans. If we shift our resources toward improved mass transit and telecommuting, we will have a plethora of parking spaces available to transform into things we desire. How about more housing? More outdoor dining? More trees? More water? (Did you know paved parking generates excess water that goes directly to storm drains instead of remaining in the soil?) Park(ing) Space Day is a time to let our imaginations run wild as we experience a world with fewer parking spaces and more community spaces.

Momentum News

Happy Birthday Momentum!

On June 26th, Momentum is turning 1. If you are downtown, stop in for a slice of birthday cake. Thank you Boulder for a great first year.

Master Gardener Marianne Langenbach

Spring Fever at Momentum

Spring has sprung at Momentum thanks to Master Gardener Marianne Langenbach's green thumb. Marianne artistically planted Momentum's outdoor pots. If you have spring fever and the desire to bring nature into your home, come check out our vast selection of beautifully handcrafted pots from Vietnam. For more information on the artists and their techniques, see the artist story below:

Ceramic planters available at Momentum

Artisan Story - Ceramic Pots
Momentum's ceramic planters were lovingly handcrafted by Nguyen Thi Yen and her husband at their family workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They are part of the Viet Lam Co. which provides consistent work to family workshops throughout Ho Chi Minh City, allowing artisan families, like Nguyen's, to continue their traditional arts while providing their families with education and an improved standard of living.

Summer Break

Momentum is taking a "summer break" from hosting our community events and publishing our monthly newsletter. We wish you all a wonderful summer! Stay tuned this fall for when our monthly events and newsletter resume.


MAU Shopping Night

MAU Shopping Night
Jenny and Kevin Natapow (Momentum) relaxed with Joellen Raderstorf (MAU) before the Mother's Day festivities got underway.

May was an action packed month at Momentum - we hosted a special Mother's Day shopping night which benefited Mothers Acting Up (MAU). Together we raised $250 for MAU, and the artisanal cheeses and organic wines were enjoyed late into the evening. Thanks Boulder and Organic Vintners for your generous support.

World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day

There were over 150 locations in the U.S. alone celebrating World Fair Trade Day. It is true, Momentum was Boulder's premier World Fair Trade Day destination. Festivities included: lucky winners of kids' toys, free Ben and Jerry's Fair Trade Ice Cream cones and beeswax candles. There were also door prizes for everyone, including: Momentum and Ben & Jerry's coupons, free chocolate and Fair Trade roses.

According to Jenny Natapow, "One of the real joys of the day was handing out Fair Trade roses with reckless abandon." Thanks to Mothers Acting Up and Transfair USA, Momentum was blessed with an abundance of roses to give away. By the end of the day we had given away 200 roses and our last customer left with a dozen roses for his Mother on Mother's Day.

Momentum also held a drawing for a $50 Momentum gift certificate and Boulder's own Leanne Lockhart was the lucky winner. Congratulations Leanne, and thank you Boulder for celebrating World Fair Trade day with Momentum!

Momentum, A Fair Trade store in Boulder, Colorado

Momentum | 1625 Pearl Street | Boulder, Colorado 80302 | 303-440-7744
Store Hours: Tues-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5, Closed Mondays

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