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Peru and Bolivia visit

Welcome back to the Momentum Newsletter! We are resuming our newsletter and monthly events after a summer break and have lots to report here at 1625 Pearl Street.

In an effort to gain a greater understanding of the cooperatives and workshops that Momentum supports, Kevin and I set off for Peru and Bolivia last month. We witnessed how Fair Trade principles are creating a resurgence in not only natural dyeing techniques and traditional crafts but also are creating equal employment opportunities for all.

Peru and Bolivia

Angeles Anonimos

Angeles Anonimos

One of our most memorable visits was to Angeles Anonimos (Anonymous Angels), a jewelry workshop in San Luis, Peru that not only works with the finest quality silver in the world, but also exclusively employs and trains disabled individuals in the fine art of jewelry making.

Did you know that Peruvian silver is world renowned for its quality and high silver content? Peruvian silver is 95% pure silver, while the vast majority of sterling silver is 92.5% silver.

The disabled population in Peru faces immeasurable obstacles because they are unfairly considered "unemployable" and often are forced to resort to begging. Visiting Angeles Anonimos not only reconfirmed our belief in the Fair Trade model but also in the human spirit. The folks at Angeles Anonimos are pouring their perseverance, determination, tenacity and skill into their exquisitely hand-crafted jewelry with the hope that anonymous angels in the United States will choose their jewelry to wear and give as gifts.

Momentum now carries Angeles Anonimos' jewelry, thanks to Fair Indigo- a Fair Trade clothing and jewelry company that works directly with Angeles Anonimos to design and craft this exclusive jewelry line.

To learn more about this awe-inspiring non profit and specifically how Angeles Anonimos empowered Karina to transform her life, click on the links below to watch the videos:


Featured Products from Angeles Anonimos

Angeles Anonimos jewelry

Upcoming Events

Halloween at Momentum

October 31st from 2-5pm

Halloween at Momentum

If you are out for the Munchkin Masquerade or just happen to find yourself wandering on Pearl Street this Halloween, we DARE you to visit Momentum.

Halloween at Momentum

Costumed staff will escort you to the chocolate tasting table- a decedent place specifically designed for all you chocolate lovers. Feast on samples from our entire Fair Trade and organic chocolate line. Then, put your taste buds to the test by guessing the secret ingredient in our bold new chocolate bar and win a $75 Momentum Gift Certificate.

Halloween at Momentum

Kids' Activities:

Marshmallows and Fair Trade cocoa await Munchkin Masqueraders...along with Trick-or-Treating, bobbing for apples and broom riding.

Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Momentum is once again teaming up with Global Exchange and Equal Exchange to support Reverse Trick-or-Treating, the new Halloween tradition of children handing Fair Trade chocolate back to their neighbors.

Faces of Fair Trade

The chocolate is attached to a card that includes information about social and environmental justice issues in the cocoa industry and how Fair Trade chocolate guarantees farmers a fair price, enabling them to feed their families and keep their kids in school.

Last year more than 47,000 households learned about Fair Trade chocolate thanks to Fair Trade Trick-or-Treaters, and with YOUR help we can reach even more people this year. This is a great way to speak with your neighbors about the scary* side of the chocolate industry and the promise of Fair Trade!

If you are interested in participating in the national Reverse Trick-or-Treating Campaign, pick up your free supplies at Momentum (supplies are limited) or directly online through Global Exchange- the deadline for ordering from Global Exchange is October 13th.

Fair Trade chocolate

*Ironically, chocolate is no treat to the hundreds of thousands of child cocoa laborers that work helping their families on farms or even toil as slaves. Illegal child labor is a major problem on cocoa farms in West Africa, especially in the Ivory Coast, which supplies 40 percent of the world's cocoa. The International Institute for Tropical Agriculture for USAID has estimated that 284,000 children work in abusive child labor conditions on cocoa farms in West Africa, and that 64% of those children are under 14 years old. There is a solution -- Fair Trade Certified Chocolate -- and Momentum is asking for your help in promoting Fair Trade chocolate this Halloween.

For more information on the current issues plaguing the chocolate industry, click on this link:

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